AFGLC Home Page with Current Announcements and Activities
The attached schematic network system will constitute the administrative structure of the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER.

The Honorary Advisory Board (HAB) will be the main nucleus in accumulating information from other entities of the network and advising the administrative staff. This board will consist of outstanding academicians, public servants and business individuals who believe in the noble mission of AFGLC.

The attached list of Greek and private universities will be invited to be an integral part of the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER. The rector or his designated representative from these academic institutions will constitute the appropriate components in the network to advise the HAB and, thus, the administrative staff on issues related to the aims and objectives of AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER. The directors of the attached research institutes or a designated representative will be invited to be a part of the identified entity in the network system.

The Hellenic American Union (HAU) will be invited to participate and assist the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER in fulfilling its mission and carrying out its objectives. The HAU aims and objectives are engaged in educational projects between Greece and the United States. Thus. it is a perfect setting for AFGLC and HAU to significantly interact on educational efforts about Hellenism. The officers and Board of Directors of HAU will be an excellent source in advising and assisting the AFGLC activities in Athens.

The officers of the Greek Alumni of American Universities will constitute a unique body for assisting and advising the Administrative Staff (AS) through the appropriate channels on all aspects of the fundamental mission of AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER. Because of their personal understanding of the educational process in academic institutions in the United States, this advisory component will be very important to the development of our interdisciplinary centers.

There are several Greek foundations that enthusiastically share the aims and objectives of AFGLC. Thus, we believe that we can develop a mutual partnership to proceed in all educational and public aspects of Hellenism in the United States. Each foundation brings forward some unique aspects to the subject matter of Hellenism. This, combined with the strategic educational and business plans of AFGLC can enable us to successfully achieve the overall mission of our foundation.

The Greek business segment and industrial complex can greatly benefit from the accomplishments of AFGLC in the United States. Thus, we will identify and structure a Greek business personnel entity into the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER.

The Board of Directors of AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER will consist of diversified, outstanding individuals from academia, public servants, professionals and businesspeople who understand and unequivocally support the overall strategic plan of AFGLC's fundamental mission about Hellenism in the United States.

The overall operational responsibility of the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER will be left to the Administrative Staff. The Administrative Staff will consist of, but not be limited to, the Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, Treasurer and International Correspondent. The Administrative Staff will assume leadership and apply administrative strategies to execute the interacting and advising process of the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER network, as have been established. The overall decision process will be a joint effort between the Board of Directors and the Administrative Staff of the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER.

Finally, the overall governance of the AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER will be in accordance with the corporate structure and By-laws of the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture. Any international entities that may be necessary to add to the AFGLC By-laws in the future will be so added as official amendments.