AFGLC Home Page with Current Announcements and Activities
The fundamental mission of the IFGLC-ATHENS CENTER is to assist the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture to achieve its aims and objectives. The overall mission of AFGLC is to assist in the preservation and enhancement of Greek culture and language in the United States through our academic institutions of higher learning. The AFGLC mission is to be accomplished by establishing INTERDISCIPLINARY CENTERS FOR HELLENIC STUDIES (ICHS) in strategically selected regions across America. The ICHSs will be modeled in administrative and academic structure similar to the "AFGLC-ICHS" at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. The ICHSs will consist of a minimum of five endowed professors in Greek Language and Literature, Greek History, Greek Philosophy, Greek Culture and the Orthodox Religion. This academic composition will adequately address the educational aspects of the complex meaning of Hellenism.

AFGLC ATHENS : Aims and Objectives

· To assist AFGLC headquarters in establishing Interdisciplinary Centers for Hellenic Studies (ICHS) in the United States through multiple approaches, including, but not limited to, integrated activities between AFGLC headquarters and AFGLC-ATHENS CENTER.

· To establish a working relationship with Greek universities with respect to faculty exchange programs with prominent scholars on Hellenism.

· To establish and implement procedures of selecting and sponsoring Greek university graduates who would like to pursue graduate studies on some aspect of Hellenism in the United States.

· To establish and implement procedures whereby both graduate and undergraduate students in the United States studying classics, archaeology, linguistics, etc., can spend part of their educational program in Greece.

· To work closely with research institutes, foundations and the Association of Greek Alumni of American Universities on common interests concerning the educational aspects of Hellenism.

· To assist in the establishment and publishing of an international academic journal on Hellenism.

· To work with academics and research institutes in the collection of various data and research material pertaining to Greek culture and history that are important in the educational aspects of Hellenism.

· To assist in the development of exhibits of scholarly, archeological artifacts, fine arts, etc., which could be toured around the United States for educational purposes and to promote Hellenism.

· To assist in enriching the "AFGLC ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL FORUM" by involving prominent scholars in Greek culture and civilization.

· To assist in organizing seminars, symposia and conferences in Greece for the promotion of Hellenism in the Americas, as well as enhancing the awareness of the Greek community about the contributions of ICHS of USA.

· To assist in translating and publishing in America scholarly works of Greek scholars from Greece and Diaspora on Hellenism for distribution in the West.

· To assist in the creation of an Internet system of archives of original published research on Greek history and culture for global view and recognition.

· To assist in identifying Greek philanthropists and business enterprises that will financially assist in the establishment of endowed professors and hence the establishment of ICHS.

· To identify and enhance the unique merits of educating Americans on what the Greeks have contributed to the development of the West.

· To inform the Hellenic Republic of AFGLC’s efforts for the rejuvenation and enhancement of Hellenism in the United States.

· To identify principles and historical precedents of Hellenism that are relevant and pertinent to resolving modern issues, such as globalization, environmentalism, ecology, social impact of the Internet and individualism