The American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture invites all concerned Hellenes and Philhellenes to participate in a great intellectual adventure:
- To build, thoughout America and around the world, Interdisciplinary Centers for Hellenic Studies;
- To endow professors of exceptional learning and commitment;
- To support students, Greek-American and others, who will carry the torch of Greek paideia to the next generation;
- To reawaken the gratitude of the West toward the heritage that has made it what it is, by becoming the Educational Voice of Hellenism throughout the world.

As your partner in this great task of rebuilding, the AFGLC offers the following:
- Affiliation with an established, highly-respected organization;
- A proven, dynamic plan;
- An efficient and dedicated administrative staff composed entirely of volunteers;
- 100% of all funds committed used for educational purposes;
- The support of the University of South Florida, one of America's finest research universities, and other distinguished universities throughout the United States and abroad;
- The fellowship of other generous, like-minded Hellenes and Philhellenes worldwide;
- Tax-exempt status.
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